Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Humble Yourself Every Chance You Have.

How else can you remind yourself to laugh?

I hadn't given myself this benefit in a very long time. I can't consider all the times that I've climbed routes that put me in cruxy locations, snowboarded a peak I thought would be a difficult summit, surfed a wave that I knew was too big for me; put myself in danger knowing that there might be a possibility of not getting out clean! Those still cannot compare to how I felt today! Not sure how to put it into words, but give me a minute.

My strength was not an issue, my mental awareness was not an issue. I can only say that it's not like riding a bike, more like being fluent in a language and then after 15 years-trying to have a conversation and not getting a sentence out!

Refreshing, maybe I had become too mentally confident in snowboarding...maybe instead of having a near death, I chose to "switch it up". Applying my skills to the other side. Wait, skills isn't the right word! I needed a wake up call, to be more aware. Snowboarding, as much as its part of who I am, I let it make my senses lazy. Skiing today, sent my vitals through the roof. Skiing something I've snowboarded dozens of times forced me to think clearly, stay alert and become so focused, I'm mentally exhausted more than physically!

I feel silly even writing this, but I must report moments in my life, great, ungreat, miserable and unforgettable. I don't want to be vain in life, I don't want to be unaware of unforeseen beauty. I want to smile, laugh and experience as much as I can

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